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The Asbestos Lawyer – How The Legal Specialization Emerged

The Asbestos Lawyer – How The Legal Specialization EmergedThe Asbestos Lawyer – How The Legal Specialization Emerged
By Adia O’Hara

Asbestos law involves laws set up by the government that regulate exposure to asbestos in the workplace. It enables people who are affected by asbestos exposure to seek compensation, and is currently being considered by the federal legislature.

It is believed that asbestos manufacturers were aware of the hazards of asbestos but did not make the knowledge public as it might affect their business. It was made known to public as well as employees in mid-1960s when symptoms of mesothelioma started appearing.

Asbestos laws were a step up as a fall-out of cases of mesothelioma which defines acceptable exposure levels for asbestos in the workplace: 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter for an eight hour work period and one fiber per cubic centimeter in any given thirty minute time period.

Owners of factories and employers need to conduct regular exposure monitoring and develop regulated work areas. They also need to provide their employees with safety measures like protective respiratory and clothing equipment, proper hygiene facilities, adequate training on safely work with asbestos and routine health checkups.

Why asbestos lawyers?

Most of the exposure occurred due to occupational or household exposure where there is usage of fibrous asbestos for various industrial uses. This has resulted in many thousands cases of mesothelioma in the United States.

You can take the help of a lawyer for compensation if you have been a common target for an employee in the plumbing, steel, insulation, construction and electrical industries. Also you might have carried fibers home which is in the form of very fine particles clinging to clothing, shoes, skin, and hair, thus causing asbestos exposure to your family members too.

If you or any of your family members have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other serious illness caused, it is imperative that you request for the early advice of an experienced and thoughtful lawyer who can assess your case and update you of your legal options or legal rights. A qualified lawyer should have a good track record and should be able to offer a specific strategy that would benefit your asbestos claim.

How can an asbestos lawyer help?

The involvement of a good lawyer can bring about a major difference in your case. Usually experienced ones have expertise in handling mesothelioma and asbestos litigation and well aware of the nuances of the disease. A qualified asbestos lawyer can examine your claim, collect evidence, build a strong case, and assertively represent you in court.

With the help, you can recover both financial as well as non-financial indemnity for your pain and suffering which involves medical expenses, lost income or loss of job. Usually asbestos lawyers operate on a “contingency fee” basis which means that you will have to pay him if your case is successful and you are able to get enough compensation and it doesn’t cost anything to file an asbestos lawsuit.

Asbestos lawyers need to follow state ethics rules and if you feel your asbestos lawyer does not treat you properly, represent you effectively, or charged you a lot of money discuss with him and find out a viable solution. If he doesn’t cooperate, you can file a complaint with your state or local bar association. In some states, arbitration is available to resolve such problems.

Choosing an Asbestos Lawyer

o Specialization in a particular field of law with relevant experience in mesothelioma law

o He should be experienced in handling asbestos cases

o He should be able to explain the terms of the agreement – like giving regular updates, cost involves, the benefits from the lawsuit, the compensation expected

o Fees and costs for the asbestos lawyer and lawsuit: lawyers are either to charge no fees initially and get their fees after compensation is received (contingency fees) or should charge very reasonably. The American Bar Association suggests that asbestos lawyers should explain their fees in writing, within specific time after deciding to represent you.

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