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Personal Alarms – How Can Something So Small As A Personal Alarm Be So Helpful?

Personal Alarms – How Can Something So Small As A Personal Alarm Be So Helpful?

Personal Alarms – How Can Something So Small As A Personal Alarm Be So Helpful?
By Larry Zolna

Personal Alarms are small, inexpensive devices that come in many shapes and colors but they all do the same thing – they all emit a very loud, annoying sound that will scare any potential attacker as well as attract attention, even if the people are not in the exact vicinity. Everyone today has a cell phone and many people want to get any type of excitement on video so they’ll generally come.

So what are some of the uses for a Personal Alarm? Let’s look at a few.

� Child: Teach your children how to use a Personal Alarm and have them carry one with them at all times. These devices are small and you can put it in your child’s pocket or even pin it to their coat if necessary. Practice with them how to use it and what they should do if approached by a stranger. Warn them against people who ask them to see their puppy or help them search for their lost puppy. Another scheme if to tell the child that their Mommy has sent them to pick them up or, worse yet, tell them that their Mommy is in trouble! If any of these scenarios happen, tell your child to set off the alarm. All they do is push a button or pull a pin depending on the device. The alarm will startle the creep and he will get away very quickly because of the attention the alarm gets. The child should also begin screaming until help arrives.

� Hiking: Many people like to hike in the woods. But not all of these people are like Daniel Boone so they lose their bearings. What do they do after trying to find their way back – they get even more lost. Yelling might help but your voice won’t carry very far, especially if there are a lot of trees. This is where your Personal Alarm will help solve your problem. Just set off the alarm and the sound will carry much farther than yelling. Most Personal Alarms come in 90-130 db of sound. I would advise the loudest alarm you can get if you plan on hiking.

� Dark Parking Lot: Today many people go to a mall to shop. Just look at the amount of cars are in the parking lot to get an idea. Sometimes you have to park a distance from the store. So what happens at night when you’re looking for your car. Yes, you can use your car alarm to find your vehicle but that just shows you’re lost and that’s just what some bad guys are looking for. Parking lots don’t have lot of security and most women carry purses which means easy money. Plus, you are carrying packages from what you purchased and have your hands full. Now you’re a great target for a robber! If you feel threatened, set off your Personal Alarm to attract attention. The potential attacker will leave in the darkness and there is generally someone who will come to your assistance and help you find your car.

These are just a few ways that Personal Alarms can help you in times of need. Everyone should carry one with them, regardless of gender or age. You never know when you will need a helping hand when you are in trouble and a loud alarm can help keep you from becoming a crime statistic.

Personal Alarms are devices that will help keep you safe and help you find your way if you are lost. Everyone should carry one with them, regardless of age or gender. To see a large array of these amazing devices, please click here: to keep you and your family safe and secure. By the way, these devices make great gifts!

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